Black Queen, Dark Knight: A Bad Boy Romance by Amarie Avant

Black Queen, Dark Knight: A Bad Boy Romance

Book Title: Black Queen, Dark Knight: A Bad Boy Romance

Author: Amarie Avant

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Amarie Avant with Black Queen, Dark Knight: A Bad Boy Romance

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"I don't do gentle, baby, I told you. This is mine now, Kayla," Jagger declares, from deep inside..., while licking the sheen of tears on my cheeks...

Mikayla Bryant
I've graduated with honors, and I'm celebrating my leave for med school when Jagger Johansson crosses my paths. 
He's huge. Rugged. And ruthless. And has an enormous steel... .357 Magnum.
This beautiful devil yanks me from a simple life and tosses me into a dangerous world of want and lust.
No sane woman would purposely choose him, but maybe I was never stable. 
Long hair, tattoos and cold blue pools for eyes make me forget just how deadly the Hitman is. 
To top things off, Jag is just deranged enough to believe I'm a princess. Truthfully, I'd play any part he wanted me to. 
 Once satiated, I will get away from Jag... I must. Or he will take my heart and ruin me.

***This is a FULL LENGTH, STANDALONE novel
Black Queen, Dark Knight is complete at 100k words... yeah, I know that's long as hell, but I promise you'll beg for more by the end. This romantic suspense is full of thrills, sex, and the type of drama that will make you laugh, cry, and of course, fall in love ;)
That being said, this novel ends around the 70% mark of your kindle. For your further enjoyment, an additional BWWM romance from the same HITMAN organization has been added as a thank you for your support***