Grapple Strong by Josh Bryant

Grapple Strong

Book Title: Grapple Strong

Publisher: Back Arms Publications

Author: Josh Bryant

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Josh Bryant with Grapple Strong

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The authors of the Amazon bestselling Jailhouse Strong combine their respective experiences and backgrounds to bring you the most comprehensive guide for building grappling strength.
Starting with a history of grappling disciplines (such as folkstyle wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and sambo) and their particular techniques to ensure the reader’s familiarity with key terminology, this book offers a funnel-like structure for training. The program begins broadly with general foundational strength (which most grapplers lack), its importance, and how to develop it. The training program then evolves into functional training specific to the unique demands and movements of grappling. Traditional core lifts, strongman training, bodyweight movements, and plyometrics are included, explained, and utilized in this program.
To ensure that you’re prepared for the rigors of competitive grappling, a complete periodized program is included that takes you from building your limit strength base to grappling specific workouts.